Dedicated to providing quality
homes and business spaces.

How Kevlar
Developments Makes a

We combine our residential and commercial real estate expertise to create outstanding homes and offer top-notch property management services. Our team of has an extensive track record of success, and we have committed to giving our customers the best possible service over the past 9 years. 

Providing our tenants with quality homes and business spaces

We at Kevlar Developments believe our renters deserve nothing less than the best.  Our renowned real estate experts collaborates with skilled engineers, constructors, and architects to design and build homes that uphold the highest standards of quality.

Every feature of our residential properties, from strong materials to cutting-edge fixtures and appliances, is carefully chosen with the needs of our renters in mind. Ready to find your forever home or invest in a growing real estate market? View our residential spaces and contact us today!

High-Quality Commercial Spaces for Businesses

We at Kevlar Developments are aware that for your company to succeed, a prime commercial space is essential. No one knows this better than our distinguished commercial real estate experts. As a result, we are recognised for offering top-notch commercial structures that consistently satisfy the requirements of our clients and give them the advantage they need to succeed. 

You can be confident that the commercial space you receive from Kevlar Developments will be beautiful and meet all the needs of your business. With over 80,000 sq ft of property managed, you can trust that Kevlar Development has your best interests at heart.

Locally owned and operated

Founded in 2014, Kevlar Developments owns and manages over 80,000 square feet. Kevlar focuses on commercial and residential property development. We are dedicated to providing our tenants with quality homes and business space at affordable rents.

Properties Available

Looking for a new location for your home or place of business? We have the ideal property for you! Whether you’re looking for a charming apartment, a large office complex, or a contemporary industrial location

Upcoming Projects

Our upcoming projects, which range from modern business buildings to brand-new residential homes, are made to satisfy our clients’ changing needs as well as those of the Ottawa neighbourhood.